Welcome to the neighborhood!

Welcome to the diverse, wonderful group of people that make up the community living in the Maplewood neighborhood of Inglewood. Some of us that live here are new to the neighborhood and some of us have been here a good long time.

And just where are we? The Maplewood neighborhood is on the west side of Inglewood, which is located in the northern part of East Nashville, TN. It is located on the west side of Gallatin Pike, tucked between it and the railroad tracks that run parallel to it a bit farther to the west. We are bordered on the south by Hart Lane, and Briley Parkway on the north.

If you like friendly neighbors that know each other, you might just find a home here!

The Maplewood Neighborhood is located in a geographic area sided by Gallatin Pike on the east, Briley Parkway on the north, the railroad line on the west, and Hart Lane on the south.